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MMW Automation Group operates as a modern alternative Passive Income Services Provider that specializes in high-margin, technology leveraged business models with easily replicable results that deliver consistent passive income and often turn into appreciating assets through our business management services.

Our mission is to be a beacon of trust and excellence in providing Passive Income Services to the everyday man. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve true generational wealth through our multiple income stream sources and appreciating assets that can eventually sell for millions of dollars. Our greatest desire give families the security they deserve to never fear being unable to sustain their needs in the event that they’ve lost their main source of income.

“It Is Literally True That You Can Succeed Best and Quickest By Helping Others Succeed”- Napoleon Hill


Acquired Companies Working In Harmony To Deliver Consistent Profits and Success


Employees making your businesses go and grow!


Passive income services all geared to create generational wealth for our clients

Our Services Are Built on 6 Key Pillars

Long Term Growth & Stability

Industries with projected demand increases provide confidence that the opportunities to grow our services and delivering them will never cease.

Simplistic Revenue Models

A Major Key in our service evaluation process is the revenue path. Marketing is very dynamic so we prefer to focus on models that guarantee revenue and growth through processes that do not require paid advertising to be successful.


Business models that become stagnant come with a variety of limitations. We focus on businesses where the only friction of scalability is the ability to reinvest profits vs dynamic marketing and strategies to create growth.

Strong Profit Margins

Healthy returns are paramount in our models. If compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world, then our returns are the 9th! When we evaluate and price our services the deciding factor is “can we create at least a 10% monthly return on the principal in 12-18 months?”

Great Risk Mitigation

No one likes to lose, especially us! Our business models are all structured to operate with 100% compliance to their platforms and governing laws. With our approaches, you don’t have to worry about some company or governance closing the doors of your business.

Cookie Cutter Solutions

The phrase “Cookie Cutter” has built such a negative stigma in business over the years, but it is music to our ears. Being able to duplicate efforts in order to duplicate often identical results is what allows us to service our clients successfully aty scale!
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
– Aristotle on Consistency

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