The MMW Automation Group 

Here are some of the benefits of working with MMW Automation Group 

100% Done For You

Business Setup, product research, inventory management, fulfillment, customer service, HR, Permitting, insurance, etc. No matter the business, let us do all the heavy lifting while you profit!

Teams Of Experts

Our teams are filled with experts in each industry and field we operate in. Working diligently to deliver a consistent flow of returns month after month.

Passive Income

Make money while you sleep as your business generates $1,000s, even $10,000s in net profit per month

Breakeven Guarantees

Invest with peace of mind knowing you principal is protected by our 24-month guarantee on select services

100% Transparency

Never feel left in the dark with our 100% done for you bookkeeping.

Mega Network

Our massive network of providers, experts and suppliers allows us to pick up on winning trends, at competitive prices & lightning speeds!

Consistent, Scalable

We have mastered the algorithms, fine tuned the research and built platforms that have produced consistent results across 100s of businesses

Appreciating Assets

Create generational WEALTH by building businesses with us that grow in value day after day for you to eventually sell off or pass on to your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Find answers to commonly raised questions.
How does the guarantee work?
100% breakeven on your fee fee with us in 24 months or we’ll pay you the difference and continue to run your business on select services
Will I have an account manager?
Yes, you’ll work with an account manager, who will work in conjunction with the several team leads who are responsible for various aspects of your business.
How many hours a week does this require?
In the beginning, there will be a few meetings we’ll need you to be present for in order to set up your business properly. After the business is set up, your involvement will be minimal at most. Mostly, our clients just regularly check their business performance to review profits and other metrics.
What do I need to do?
This is a business, so you’ll need to get the business entity documents (form your LLC, register for an EIN and in some cases get your Resale Certificate so you can buy wholesale). WAIT FOR US to walk you through that properly.

Build Your Portfolio With MMW Automation Group 

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